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General FAQ

How does the Portal work?

The Portal is an application built on top of Wormhole. When you bridge tokens through Portal, the origin token gets locked in a smart contract, and a new Portal wrapped token gets minted on the target chain. You can swap those for other/native tokens on the target chain. See which Portal wrapped tokens have liquid markets here.

Here you can find an in-depth explanation from one of our contributors, Chase:

What are the liquid markets for Portal wrapped tokens?

Check out our liquid markets here.

What does the token register do?

The token register is to register new tokens on a chain, this is a once-off procedure. There will be a small fee charged to register the token. This is most commonly used by projects who will transfer the token over for the first time. Normal users will rarely ever have to use this function.

What type of NFTs does Portal NFT bridge support?

The Portal NFT bridge allows ERC721 and SPL (with a supply of 1) NFTs to be transferred between supported chains.

What are the fees for using Portal?

Portal bridging fees are currently sub-cent. The gas fees are the most expensive aspect of the transaction.

📞 Contact

If you have any further questions or require troubleshooting, please reach out to Wormhole's community managers on Discord.


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